Monday, April 19, 2010

too much of something is bad enough

I watch American Idol every Tuesday and Wednesday night come January for the past four years. I usually DVR most of my shows, but with American Idol, you need to vote that night for your vote to count so I watch it live. I've seen many new ad campaigns start off on the breaks of the show, and associate Ford with the show since it gives the winner a new car and contestants participate in Ford commercials.

One brand that gets looked over in my mind will surprise most people. Last week, as one contestant was speaking to Ryan Seacrest before singing, I glanced at the red screens I'm so used to seeing in the background and I realized it was brand -- Coca Cola. I've become so used to the Coca Cola cups the judges drink, the Coca Cola waiting room, and the red background on set so much that I forgot it was an ad. I started to think of red as being a part of American Idol as opposed to represent the company. My roommate seemed surprised -- this is the first year she watches American Idol and she notices the brand every week. Avid watches of the show have probably forgotten or have overlooked Coca Cola altogether much like I have.

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