Monday, April 12, 2010

little man = big media power

Justin Bieber seems to be all over social media. He's held the #1 spot for weeks for brands that are most tweeted about. His music has shot from under 200,000 views in October of 2009 to over 2 million plays of a single song of his in a 24 hour period. What many don't know is that Bieber was found through YouTube (and Usher). After his discovery, he became the first solo artist to have 4 top 40 hits on the Billboard charts before an album has even be released. What does all of this mean for media? Media outlets such as YouTube could now be the key to finding huge celebrity brands. This could potentially mean huge marketing numbers for other bands that associate themselves with such popular stars. Sticking by stars like Bieber isn't a risk. He became famous because of his mass like-ability (not a single producer hoping he'd make magic).

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