Friday, April 30, 2010

ever feel your getting backed into a corner?

Get on the Internet as quickly as you can. Chances are, you're reaching for the iPad you just received or your iPhone to get online. Ever wondered if Apple is intentionally forming your Internet experience? They are! Your best Internet experiences on Apple's products are on formats that Apple has approved. Think about it... you want to get on the Internet on your iPhone and chances are your phone is filled with Apps that make the Internet quicker and easier to use. Apple is sort of choosing products and companies for you to use.

Now think of Facebook. With the new 'like' option, you can literally be on Facebook almost everywhere on the web. For marketers, they're unaware of knowing what visitors are doing on sites when it comes to Facebook use because visitors need their ID to log on. So it's either have Facebook's back or deal with being left out of a huge chunk of website's visitors' information.

Advertisers, marketers, and website visitors should think seriously about who they're essentially allowing to manage the web completely before two or three companies take over completely.

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