Thursday, April 15, 2010

stand by me

There's a new book circling around hot topics this week. A biography of Oprah Winfrey written by Kitty Kelley (a woman who has written unauthorized biographies of Jacque O, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra). The book tells of Oprah's lies about her difficult upbringing and scandalous lesbian affairs that she has relentlessly tried to cover up. With all the hype it's been getting the past couple of days, you'd think the Oprah camp would be worried. Not in the slightest.

Several talk show hosts including Letterman and Larry King have already denied allowing Kelley air time to promote her book. Oprah has gained the respect among her peers and, more importantly, has been a huge promoter of the book industry in particular. Her brand has been compared to "Teflon" by Omincom's partner associate director Nick Ragone. Also, Kelley's other biographies have done little to dampen the high profile celebrities status'. In the world of publicity, having close friends who stand by you is crucial. I wonder what'll come the day Kitty Kelley is in trouble.

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