Wednesday, May 5, 2010

rainy days ahead

Usually it's the advertiser or public relations employee that deals with their clients bad press. This time, the ad agencies themselves are getting a tough slap on the wrist by the Madison Avenue Project who claims that and overwhelming majority of the creative directors behind the Super Bowl ads this year were white. It looked at 58 spots, where 92% of the directors were white males, 7% were white females, and that 1%? The Latino that won the Doritos consumer contest to make a commercial!


I have faith that the advertising community will take this seriously and try to encourage diversity in top level positions. Conversations need to be had and top agencies need to take a hard look at who is being hired and promoted and why. It may take decades to resolve the issue of diversity in the workplace, but if anyone can hit the ground running on being different and stepping out of the box -- it's advertisers.

Let's go get em.

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