Sunday, May 2, 2010

be loud and everywhere

Domino's has a new pizza. I'd argue that most people know this by now. That's saying a lot since it can take years for people to learn of a product change or even a new product, but CP&B made sure that everyone knew of the recipe change. The company is advertising in print, big time on TV, and has taste tests being being performed on tv shows themselves. Their quirky OOH advertising is all about trying to get one person in the community (a huge critic of the pizza prior to the change) to call in and order. Commercials show the critic calling in Dominos, ordering the pizza, and truly enjoying the new flavors.

Funny thing is, some bloggers and taste testers preferred the old recipe or couldn't realize a big enough difference between the two pies. Consumer Reports reported that the pizzas have improved... slightly.

So what's actually happened to Dominos revenue for the first quarter of 2010? It increased 14% for same store sales!

Moral of the story: Throw out the recipe book. It's all about impressions... and lots of em.

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